Howdy! I’m Thomas Hjelm, the author of NihonHacks. My first crazy adventure in Japan was as an exchange student at Kansai Gaidai University in 2002. A few years have gone by, and now I’m back in Japan on the JET program, teaching English to Jr. High Schoolers in Hyogo. Interests include guitar, climbing mountains, language, history and Thai food. Here is my StumbleUpon profile if you want to add me.

The Purpose of this Blog

During my 2 years (and counting) in this wonderful country, I’ve found that:
Japan is expensive
It isn’t always obvious how to get things done efficiently
I started in order to share some of the life-saving tips I’ve picked up while living here. Whether you are a student, visitor, worker or lifer in Japan, NihonHacks will help you to save time and money.