Just a reminder that banks close for New Years holidays. Don’t get caught without cash. Grab a few extra ichimans today while you still can. Also, various stores will close and others will change their opening/closing times. If you need to, stock up on things like food, diapers, etc.

Also, be on the look out for New Years’ fukubukoro and get a LOT of stuff for CHEAP. Seriously, if you don’t know what these lucky bags are, check the link. Don’t miss it! Even Mister Donut has fukubukuros (thanks Ken Y-N from whatjapanthinks!). I also spotted Hassakus in the grocery store today. This is my favorite Japanese fruit, so if you haven’t tried them yet, check it out.

Jalepeno peppers are my favorite sandwich condiment. Whenever I’d go to Subway back in Texas, I’d always have them pile on the jalepenos. Sadly, Subway here in Japan doesn’t offer jalepenos (at least not any Subway near me!). My import store doesn’t even sell them! What can I do?

Mos Burger.
Not only is Mos Burger the best fast-food hamburger place around, not only does it have the best onion rings known to man, but they also have jalepenos! If you order a Spicy Mos Burger, the “Spicy” you taste comes from chopped jalepenos that they stick in your burger sauce blap stuff. Delicious! Even without the tilde.