Air-conditioners are one of the most common homes and office appliance used today. An air-conditioner generates cool and fresh air inside a room for people to enjoy and feel comfortable. It is advantageous in having an air-conditioner at home and in the office especially during hot days. Today, almost all public places have air-conditioners installed to provide comfort and cool air to people.

People nowadays, greatly consider air-conditioners as an important appliance for making their homes and offices more comfortable. For businesses, air-conditioners are used to not only provide comfort to customers but also attract them to visit their business. Air-conditioners are now common in malls, clinics, restaurants, terminal, ports and much more. In today’s time, the air-conditioner is a known must have an appliance to own for home and business use.

Keeping the air-conditioner clean is important to keep it working at its best and prolong its life. Cleaning an air-conditioner should be done regularly to avoid dirt particles, bacteria, and germs to clutter and cause damage and health problems. An aircon overhaul vs. standard aircon servicing is a more favorable option for most people when it comes to cleaning their air-conditioners. Here are a few reasons and differences between the two:

Aircon Overhaul
The aircon overhaul is a service that involves repairing damaged air-conditioners and restoring it to its excellent working condition. This air-conditioner cleaning service not only cleans the air-conditioner but also checks its entire equipment and makes sure that everything is working properly. The air-conditioner parts and components are dismantled and inspected for signs of damage. The parts and components are cleaned, and damaged parts replaced when considered faulty. An aircon overhaul is usually done when the air-conditioner starts to show signs of early deterioration.

– parts and components are thoroughly cleaned, and dust removed
– is to be done at least once a year or when needed
– parts and components are inspected for any abnormalities
– part and components are replaced in case of damage

Standard Aircon Servicing
The standard prison servicing is a preventive measure to maintain and keep the air-conditioner clean and working properly. This air-conditioner cleaning service is only focused on cleaning the air-conditioner from its exterior to its interior parts and components. The air-conditioner parts and components are disassembled to thoroughly remove and clean out any dust particles build up over time. Standard aircon servicing is recommended to be done regularly to lengthen the lifespan of the air-conditioner by making sure it is safe from corrosion.

– parts and components are thoroughly cleaned, and dust removed
– is done regularly
– encompasses proper air-conditioner maintenance

An aircon overhaul vs. standard aircon servicing is highly recommended to cleaning air-conditioners. Keeping air-conditioners working in its best condition it is always recommended to clean them. It is also advised to observe proper maintenance to prolong the life of the air-conditioner. Air-conditioners provide comfort to our homes and offices by giving us cool, clean and fresh air to breathe and enjoy indoors.